Cheval Arc Competition Arrow

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Best quality / price ratio to shoot a traditional bow.

Take time to read the text below before ordering.

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Straightness :


Size guide :

- spine 400: 32" or 33.5"
- spine 500: 32"

Weight Guide:

- spine 400: 7.56 gr/inch
- spine 500: 6.52 gr/inch

Colors of feathers:

- Spine 400: 2 black 1 white
- Spine 500: 2 white 1 black

If you want a custom color feathers (in multiples of 10 or 15 arrows !!):

Check our availability here: FEATHER COLORS

Then attach a message to your order with the desired color.

Warning !! Only in multiples of 10 or 15 arrows!

Choose your arrow:

The spine is the flexibility of the shaft. The 500 is more flexible than the 300.

Why is this flexibility important? When you release your arrow it will have to twist around the handle of the bow so as not to be deflected.

Simply put, more the arc is powerful and its ability to twist the arrows will be. We must therefore take a rigid spine with a powerful bow and flexible spine with a low bow.

Unfortunately not everything is so simple! The shafts are mostly intended for classical archers who absolutely not have the same position as us. We need longer shafts. It is therefore necessary to adapt.

Here is the solution we have found for the moment:

We advise adults who start with a Snake spine of tubes 300. The spine is not at all adapted to the power but you will have an arrow reasonably priced, really strong (and it is important to start !!), long enough . The spine will cause no problem because the snake has a window.

For children who start it will be between 400 and 500 depending on their size.

But as soon as you invest in a traditional bow without window, it will be essential to take the competitions arrows that are a little more expensive (but are also lighter, better and more efficient in fast shooting!).


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Cheval Arc Competition Arrow

Cheval Arc Competition Arrow

Best quality / price ratio to shoot a traditional bow.

Take time to read the text below before ordering.